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10 Tips for Learning a New Technology

We live in a very exciting time. Never before has education been so cheaply available to the masses (if not free). The medium, itself, has made tectonic shifts from a classroom setting, to blogs, screencasts and complete university classes, as a set of videos and interactive forums. Given these resources, there’s absolutely no excuse not to dive in and learn. However, with such a wealth of resources, filtering through the options can often become overwhelming. In this article, I will outline…

2013-05-08 22:07:00

[Wiki] Sidebar in Yii using Sidebar Widget

dynamic sidebar slider on the left or right side of the browser. Sidebar on the left or right side of the browser. slides in on mouse over and slides out automatically when mouse leaves the sidebar. This sidebar can be used to display menu or some other useful things in your application. to download click here

2013-10-24 04:48:59

Include JavaScript exceptions in your server side logs with JSNLog

JSNLog lets you insert loggers in your client side JavaScript, configure them in your web.config, and store their messages in your server side logs.

2013-09-15 02:56:00

Exam Cram: General MySQL Syntax for Developers (Section 2)

The General MySQL Syntax section of the MySQL 5.6 Developer certification exam is a bit meatier than the MySQL Architecture section covered in my last post, but it’s still likely to be very familiar to experienced MySQL developers (or DBAs): Explain MySQL implementation of identifiers including case sensitivity, qualified names, aliases and use of reserved words Identify MySQL data type properties and appropriate usage Recognize and use common functions and expressions for all MySQL data types…

2013-10-24 02:06:41 by Todd Farmer

T-SQL: Most Practical Split Function

A SQL String Split function for the real world.

2013-10-10 20:42:00

Customer Spotlight: Give Kids Your Instruments

In summer 2011, Mitch Van Dusen and Lech Szporer happened upon an impromptu jam session in their Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, NY neighborhood. Van Dusen and Szporer — musicians and creative collaborators with a studio space nearby — dug what they heard, so they brought down some instruments and joined in. “We ended up playing over an hour,” Van Dusen recalls, “just banging on stuff with kids.” The two packed up and turned to go, but the kids were having none of it. “They ran upstairs…

2013-08-05 15:08:00

MySQL Fabric - Sharding - Simple Example

In this article we discuss a use case for starting with a single server (single shard setup) and scaling gradually as the application and its data grows. We also describe here the different aspects of creating shards using MySQL Fabric and what each of it means.Note: Unlike the previous example the present example is not working with data that already exists.Note: The example also covers how to modify the python application code to work with Fabric.Prototyping the Application on a Single MySQL Shard…

2013-09-22 00:30:00 by VN (Narayanan Venkateswaran)

Percona Live London 2013: an insider’s view of the schedule

With the close of call for papers earlier this month, the Percona Live London conference committee was in full swing this past week reviewing all of the many submissions for November’s Percona Live London MySQL Conference.The submissions are far ranging and cover some really interesting topics, making the lineup for Percona Live London really strong! What the committee looks for in a submission is how much “value” a talk will bring to the conference – this is to say it needs…

2013-09-18 01:00:11 by MySQL Performance Blog

on nuodb and falcon

Warning: this is a mixture of historical content, biases, stupid marketing and unknown/proprietary/closed source technologies. Proceed with caution. NuoDB marketing was sending out this message, encouraging me to blog (they were looking for bloggers too): And while Facebook sharded MySQL 4000 times, even they call it a “fate worse than death.” We’ve seen this phrase before and it did not come from us. For whatever reason NewSQL echo chamber is repeating this with less and less truth in…

2013-08-18 16:27:56 by Domas Mituzas

Using Gmail Account to Send Emails With Attachment

Sending Email using Gmail account from your application.

2013-09-26 13:02:00

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