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Community News: Latest PECL Releases (07.16.2019)

Latest PECL Releases:swoole 4.3.6

Fixed #2661 (#2661) (@twose)
Fixed hang on MacOS (dcb14488) (@matyhtf)
Fixed global value (edfdc544) (@twose)

swoole 4.4.1
+ Support send response with non-zero Content-length without body for HEAD request (#2690) (@matyhtf)
+ Support `Coroutine::getPcid` by a random cid (#2669) (@huanghantao)

Fixed signal listener (#2675) (@matyhtf)
Fixed MySQL incompatibility changes (#2674) (@twose)
Fixed add event after server start (#2673) (@matyhtf)
Fixed static_handler can not decode url (#2676) (@twose)
Fixed task worker warning (#2689) (@Yurunsoft)
Fixed HttpRequest->rawContent (#2682) (@twose)
Fixed invalid read when Timer::clearAll (6b0263b) (@matyhtf)
Fixed CoroutineHttpClient send failed (432259d) (@twose)

redis 5.0.1
This release contains only bugfix for one critical issue

RedisCluster segfaults after second connection with cache_slots enabled [327cf0bd] (Pavlo Yatsukhnenko)

protobuf 3.9.0
GA release.
http_message 0.1.0
Initial release.
xlswriter 1.2.6
- FIX CentOS6 Build.
- FIX InsertText memory leaks.
win32service 0.4.1
* Remove the PHP version check. For fix the PHP crashes when `phpinfo` is called by CGI SAPI. (issue [#45](
* Fix PHP 7.4 errors in object example (issue [#46](
The binary is also available here:

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