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MySQL 8.0.21: thank you for the contributions

MySQL 8.0.21 has been released today, wooohooo \o/

As usual, this release contains contributions and let me thanks all the contributors on behalf of the MySQL Team.

MySQL 8.0.21 includes contributions from Edgars Irmejs, Daniël van Eeden, Jeremy Cole, Wenfeng Shih, Billy O’Neal, Lou Shuai, Tsubasa Tanaka and Facebook.

Thank you all for your great contributions. MySQL is an Open Source project, GPL, and we accept contributions !

Here is the list of the contributions above:

Filesort chosen where index should’ve been, using LIMIT, contribution by Edgars Irmejs

Use mysql_config for –with-mysql-capi= when using –static, contribution by Daniël van Eeden

Better error in comp_err with blank space only lines, contribution by Facebook, and some others…

Dangerous optimization reconsidering_access_paths_for_index_ordering, contribution by Jeremy Cole

Implement context manager, contribution by Wenfeng Shih

Include missing headers breaking VS2019 version 16.6 nightly, contribution by Billy O’Neal

mysql-connector-cpp cmake files not work well when as a third party, contribution by Lou Shuai
a security contribution from Tsubasa Tanaka

If you have patches and you also would like to be part of the MySQL Contributors, you can do so from MySQL’s GitHub repository (requires signing the Oracle Contributor Agreement).

Thank you again for the contributions and see you for the next release !

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