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New MySQL NDB Cluster version 8.0.23

As of today a new version of MySQL NDB Cluster is available.

First of all this release fixes various bugs, enhancing the stability and robustness of cluster further.

Already in 8.0.21 MySQL the NDB team started to remove racially insensitive terminology
from its configuration files, command line options, documentation and source code.
In 8.0.23 we now hope to have finalized this work.

Automated thread configuration is a new feature added. If enabled it will automatically
run NDB with the ideal number of threads based on the number of physical cores and cpus
of the data node’s host system. This feature needs to be activated in the configuration.

NDB comes with the latest version of our MySQL SQL front-end servers.
Often also NDB users benefit from all its great new features and fixes as well.
More details about it can be found in the
MySQL Server Team Blog.

All fixes, terminology and other changes in MySQL NDB Cluster 8.0.23 are listed in the
Release Notes

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