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How to copy a Schema using MySQL Shell Dump & Load Utility ?

Another common question I receive about MySQL Shell Dump & Load Utility is how to dump a schema and load it with another name. Make a copy in fact.

Dumping the Schema

To do so, we need to use the dumpTables() method:

JS ? util.dumpTables("test", [], "/tmp/dump", {all: true})

It is important to notice that the second parameter is an empty array and the option “all” is enabled.

This will dump all tables of the test schena into /tmp/dump.

Loading the data into another Schema

Now, we will load the data we previously dump into another schema.

The first thing to do is to create the destination schema:

JS ? \sql create database test2

And finally, we load the data:

JS ? util.loadDump("/tmp/dump", {schema: "test2"})

Of course, you can always increase the parallelism using the threads option.

You can also load into another server.

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