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MySQL Innovation and Cloud Day (16 Nov 2021)

In this event, the MySQL team will highlight why Oracle now views MySQL as an essential part of their strategy backed up with significant investment in the MySQL Enterprise product and the new MySQL Database Service and Heatwave cloud offerings.
In addition, a selection of customers from a wide range of industries will share their first hand experiences and explain the benefits MySQL has brought to their organisations.
At the end of the event, a MySQL engineer will walk attendees to the process of creating a new Oracle Cloud account and will show how to benefit from the 500 USD credit for 30 days.
A special gift will also be raffled during the event too!
Do not miss this opportunity to keep you up to date with MySQL. Ask your questions during the event and receive the answers directly from the MySQL team!Date and Time: Tuesday, 16 Nov 2021, 11:00 CET

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