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Demo: Get Started with Oracle MySQL HeatWave and Learn HeatWave New Capabilities (05 May 2022)

Oracle MySQL HeatWave, is the only service that enables database administrators and app developers to run OLTP and OLAP workloads directly from their MySQL database. This eliminates the need for complex, time-consuming, and expensive data movement and integration with a separate analytics database. The service is optimized for and exclusively available in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). HeatWave accelerates MySQL performance by orders of magnitude for analytics and mixed workloads. Optimized for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, it is the only database service that runs on MySQL Enterprise Edition. MySQL HeatWave is 100% built, managed, and supported by the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and MySQL engineering teams.
In this session, we are going to demo on

Creating a MySQL HeatWave Cluster and its required environment
Connecting to HeatWave using MySQL Shell, MySQL Workbench, and MS Visual Studio Code
Running queries on HeatWave
OLTP application and OLAP application for HeatWave
HeatWave Analytics and Machine Learning

We look forward to meeting you in the session!Date and Time: Thursday, 05 May 2022, 10:00 US/Pacific

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