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Looking for an Excellent MySQL Book for Beginners? The MySQL Workshop is a Great Choice

Last week at Percona Live, I was asked what book I recommend for novices seeking to learn MySQL.  For a long time, there has not been a good choice for modern versions of MySQL. Luckily I had just stumbled upon such a book.  Now I am happy to recommend The MySQL Workshop – A practical guide to working with data and managing databases with MySQL by Petit and Cosentino.
The first chapter introduces database architectures, data types, storage engines (including MyRocks), and data normalization. The following chapter cover in great detail how to create a database, using MySQL Workbench, backups & restoring data, and creating indexes. Chapter four has a very good section on working with SQL, functions, and case statements. Then JOINs and stored procedures are covered.
In another book, that would probably be enough content, but later chapters plunge into using Node.JS, Access, and Excel with MySQL.
The last few chapters cover loading data from many file formats, JSON data usage, user permissions, and logical backups. While knot a comprehensive MySQL DBA guide this material is well done and complete.
That is a lot of content in seven hundred pages.  The writing style is clear and numerous examples are well done.  Bravo to the authors for their achievements in this book.
This may not be the reference text for a grizzled MySQL veteran but for real novices and intermediates, this book is a must-have.  This would be a great classroom text for an introduction to MySQL class or a handy hardcopy reference for someone on the initial climb of the learning curve.

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