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MySQL Community Awards Winners 2018

One of the highlights of Percona Live is that the winners of the annual MySQL Community Awards are announced. A 100% community effort, the awards were created to recognize community contribution. This year saw six very deserving winners in three categories:
MySQL Community Awards: Community Contributor of the year 2018
Two individuals received these awards:

Jean-François Gagné
Jean-François was nominated for his many blog posts, bug reports, and experiment results that make MySQL much better. His blog:

Sveta Smirnova
Sveta spreads knowledge and good practice on all things MySQL as a frequent speaker and blogger. Her years of experience in testing, support, and consulting are shared in webinars, technical posts, conferences around the world and in her book “MySQL Troubleshooting”. While we’re proud to say that Sveta works for Percona, this reward is for her outstanding individual contribution irrespective of that. Kudos and respect, Sveta!

MySQL Community Awards: Application of the year 2018
Three applications were honoured:

MyRocksMyRocks is now in MariaDB, Percona Server and PolarDB (Alibaba). Intel, MariaDB and Rockset are optimizing it for cloud native storage.

ProxySQLProxySQL solves serious, real-world problems experienced by DBAs in an elegant way.

VitessVitess is a database clustering system for horizontal scaling of MySQL. Originally developed at YouTube/Google and now under CNCF, Vitess is free and open source and aims to solve scaling problems for MySQL installations.

MySQL Community Awards: Corporate Contributor of the year 2018

Alibaba CloudAlibaba Cloud authors AliSQL, a free and open source MySQL branch.

The awards were presented by Agustín Gallego and Emily Slocombe.
In the spirit of open source, much of the content of this post has been sourced from the MySQL Community Awards website and the full information can be read there. Please do take the time to read the full details and you can also read about past winners and initiatives on that site.
Congratulations to all!
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