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A Week of Symfony #655 (15-21 July 2019)

This week, Symfony added a new component called ErrorHandler to continue the work to replace the Debug component. Meanwhile, the PropertyAccess component improved the error messages in lots of edge cases. Finally, SymfonyCloud, the best way to host your Symfony applications, announced its general availability.

Symfony development highlights

This week, 70 pull requests were merged (50 in code and 20 in docs) and 44 issues were closed (32 in code and 12 in docs). Excluding merges, 37 authors made 7,426 additions and 862 deletions. See details for code and docs.

3.4 changelog:

e347e41: [Config] fixed for signatures of typed properties
10ba0c6: [Debug, DebugClassLoader] don't check class if the included file doesn't exist
04b9ce3: [DependencyInjection] Container*::getServiceIds() should return strings
54c77e6: [Config] do not use absolute path when computing the vendor freshness
039fd94: [Serializer] don't cast padded numeric strings in XmlEncoder
aece546: [Validator] added support for validation of giga values

4.4 changelog:

88575f0: [FrameworkBundle] added missing event_dispatcher wiring for messenger.middleware.send_message
b2dd93a: [Mailer] allow to register mailer configuration in XML format
4b15acf: [PHPUnitBridge] muted deprecations triggered from PHPUnit
a57f4bb: [HttpClient] fixed debug output added to stderr at shutdown
4d7f072: [Mime] renamed Headers::getAll() to all()
3f98846: [DependencyInjection] properly handle optional tag attributes for !tagged_iterator
e44eb91: [Messenger] fixed UnrecoverableExceptionInterface handling
9662246: [Messenger] passed transport name to factory
950306a: [Messenger] fixed transport_name option not passing validation

Master changelog:

9ab4f14: [PropertyAccess] improved errors when trying to find a writable property
e9ab234: [Lock] added aliases for LockFactory
af309b0: [HttpClient] make toStream() throw by default
25f1804: [Lock] removed usage of the StoreInterface
9ed1dd1: added a new ErrorHandler component to replace the Debug component
6f78ad8: [Process] path resolution for FCGI configuration
e80d405: [Lock] lock split interface fix post-merge review
2a816aa: [Security] drop the component
c910095: [Debug] drop the component
c9b149c: [DependencyInjection] moved non removing compiler passes to after removing passes
cade808: [Process] removed deprecated inheritEnvironmentVariables() method

Newest issues and pull requests

Use absolute path to generate and check / cache
[Routing] Condition boolean lost performance
What about the server:log command?
[DSN] Add a new DSN component
Cleanup the new ErrorHandler component
[DX] [Session] Improve experience of using namespaced attributes

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Upcoming Symfony Events

Design Patterns in Symfony & Symfony Security Demystified: Berlin, Germany (July 31)
Treffen der Symfony User Group Hamburg: Hamburg, Germany (August 6)

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