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ExpressionEngine 7 Official Release

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It’s here.

It’s been a little less than 2 years since the first release of ExpressionEngine 6, and today we’re happy to share with the world ExpressionEngine 7. We know this probably sounds like we’re exaggerating, but we believe this is one of (if not the) largest releases of ExpressionEngine there’s ever been. The best way to explain why this is the case is to watch the video below.

Here’s why version 7 changes everything

For starters, what was previously known as ExpressionEngine Pro has now been rolled directly into ExpressionEngine in version 7, as such pro as a separate upgrade is no more.

This includes:

Front-end editing
Entry cloning
Multi-Factor Authentication
Cookie Management and lifetime overrides
Control Panel Branding
The ability to make custom dashboards upon login

Following suit, Low Search, and Low Variables have been rolled into version 7 and renamed to Pro Search and Pro Variables as well. (To hear more on this, and what it means to existing sites, please see the video above)

In addition to this, we’re also happy to announce that ExpressionEngine 7 will also be shipping with:

An all-new File Manager powered by Flysys*
A LARGE widespread performance improvement*
Structure for building site navigation (launching week of August 8th)*
Environment File Support*
Ability to have channel fields side by side in the entry editor
Grid field supporting vertical alignment
New Light Control Panel Theme
Secondary sidebar collapsable throughout the Control Panel
New Cloud File storage locations

*additional blog posts to come!

When a paid license will be required

We’re happy to share that in ExpressionEngine version 7 if you’re building a site with 1 user, everything mentioned in this post, as well as what’s coming in version 7 will be free.

If you’re building a site that requires multiple users, a Pro License ($199/year) will be required.

Thank You!

In closing, we want to say thank you; thank you to the community at large! If it wasn’t for you caring enough about ExpressionEngine to provide feedback, thoughts, kudos, or your personal insights we collectively wouldn’t be where we are today, and version 7 wouldn’t be what it is.

The Quick Peek at the New File Manager:

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