Joomla Joomla is an open-source, free and speedy Content Management System with an award-winning model-view-controller framework that allows you to build strong and study Web Applications.

Joomla Overview

Joomla’s powerful application framework allows lots of room for customisation for your small business, large business, online publication, government, NGO and organisational businesses, and so on. It’s simple enough to apply to any niche business idea or web application idea but flexible and diverse enough to apply it to your business in fine detail, with all the bells and whistles. It’s great for inventory control, data reporting, application bridges, custom product catalogs, online booking reservations and more.

It’s scalable and the flexibility that comes with installing this as a CMS on your site provides rich capabilities that other CMS might not provide for free, as Joomla does.

You can choose a pre-made responsive template that is provided or customise your own to suit your business and the customers that visit your website. We can help with this from the beginning – design, customer/user research, development and testing all the way through to google search rankings and hitting any metrics you want to place on your site.

We can then do a complete site handover for you to manage the site yourself but can also provide ongoing maintenance. The CMS allows for minimal knowledge of the guts of a website with full control of how it reads.

If you have a project you want to start or a pre-existing PHP Development/Framework site you need a hand in, please don’t hesitate to contact us in our offices in Melbourne and we can give you a quote as soon as we can.

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