OpenCart is a turn-key ready “out of the box” shopping cart solution. All you have to do is install, select your template, add products and before you know it, you’re ready to start accepting orders. It has order management and multiple payment gateways already built in.

We’ve developed quite a few OpenCart extensions to help the process of buying and selling easier and more productive. Some examples include the below:

  • Australia Post Shipping Module
  • OsCommerce to OpenCart export
  • Payment surcharge – based on type
  • TNT Express Shipping Module
  • DHL International Shipping Module
  • Fishbowl ERP Integration

We also specialise in complete builds of stores, upgrading versions, maintenance issues and more. We can help from the very first OpenCart 1.5 to the most recent version OpenCart 3.0.


Having a high search engine ranking for your the keywords related to your products can mean the difference if your store takes high number of sales or not.
OpenCart is search optimised allowing pages to be indexed by all major search engines and includes support for custom product and category META tags.

OpenCart has multi-store abilites which allow you to manage multiple stores from one admin interface. There are many advantages in being able to set up multiple stores:

  • Theme each store differently to match the products that are being sold.
  • You can set different prices for each store you have setup.
  • Setup a default customer group for each store allowing you to have some stores setup for retail customers and others as wholesale.
  • Set products to a appear on specific stores.
  • Localise each store by setting a different default language, currency and tax class.

Shipping Methods
Below you will find a list or shipping methods that are included in the default OpenCart download. If you require additional shipping methods have a look at our Australia

  • Post Shipping module or our TNT Express Shipping module.
  • Per item
  • Flat rate
  • Weight Based Shipping
  • Free shipping
  • Pickup From Store

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