Zend Framework

ZendThe Zend Framework is a software framework for PHP7. It has a flexible architecture enabling the fast development of web applications and web services that you can interact with. One of its strengths is the highly modular Model-View-Controller (MVC) design workflow, that makes the code more reusable and easier to keep updated.

Zend Framework is an Object-Oriented Web Application Framework which is open source and a collection of professional PHP4 based packages. It has five main areas when looking at MVC (Model-View-Controller) implementation.

As well as it’s robust MVC implementation, it has a database abstraction that is simple to use, and a forms component that implements HTML5 form rendering, validation, and filtering so that developers can bring together all of these operations using one easy-to-use, object oriented interface.

The framework offers other components, such as Zend\Authentication and Zend\Permissions\Acl, provide user authentication and authorization against all common credential stores.

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